Precision Placement and Thermal Transfer Printing

Print and Apply Labeling Systems

Nautilus Systems, Inc. has developed a new product line known as our PL100-TTP and PL165-TTP series which were released in the Spring of 2011.  These two new products combine our proven PL Series Applicator products with precision Thermal Transfer Printing (TTP) technology.  The end result of this combination is an easy to operate integrated unit that can handle any shape or configuration of label that fits within the size specifications of the PL100 or PL165 Applicator.  The printer is a proven product that stands on its own merit and is offered in 300 or 600 dpi in 4″ or 6″ width capacities.   The printer, which is provided with a basic label design software package, is compatible with virtually every label design software package available in the market today.

One major difference between our PL1XX-TTP systems and our PR100i Applicator is that the PR100i Applicator is setup for ‘zero queue’ printing while the PL1XX-TTP systems incorporate a short loop of material between the printhead and the dispense positions.   This means that the PL1XX-TTP systems will always have a short length of liner with pre-printed labels between the print and dispense positions.  For applications with variable data that must be printed ‘on demand’ the PL1XX-TTP is not a potential solution but for batch production where the printed data is consistent (including serialization in most cases) this solution provides a very versatile and easy to use system.

 For a case study of how this system was used please see our Blog article regarding the Three Label Carton Assembly or contact Nautilus Systems, Inc. with your questions.

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