Two-sided Adhesive Lamination – Pl100epr Feeder

Print and Apply Labeling Systems

In a recent opportunity a customer approached Nautilus Systems with a particularly challenging application.  The application involves placement of two-sided die-cut adhesive onto a plastic housing.  The adhesive components are roughly 4 x 25mm in size and with complex geometretic features including windows without adhesive as small as 1 x 3mm.   The customer selected NSI’s PL100EPr for the application after due diligence and research efforts in which NSI was able to prove that our technology could accomplish this task like no other. 

The application requires the PL100EPr to feed and present the Adhesive to a robotic actuator.  The robotic actuator incorporates a camera system and a sophisticated end of arm/gripper tool.  The robot uses its camera and gripper to pick up a plastic Housing.  It then transfers the plastic Housing to a position directly above the Adhesive component that is exposed on the PL100EPr peel bar.  The robot uses its camera again to confirm the exact position of the Adhesive component and then calculates the exact position to which it must move the gripper to align the Plastic Housing perfectly to the Adhesive Component.  Once the robot has aligned the two items it lightly presses the plastic Housing onto the Adhesive and then triggers the PL100EPr Feeder to ‘peel’.  The PL100EPr executes the peeling action which removes the liner and leaves the Adhesive attached to the plastic Housing in the robot gripper.  The robot then moves to another position where it applies the Plastic/Adhesive sub-assembly to another component. 

 At NSI we call this process ‘lamination mode’.  Lamination mode has become an increasing prevalent type of application for which customers select our PL100r and PL165r Feeders as their automated solution.  If you have an application that requires lamination of die-cut double-sided Adhesive components to another component please consider NSI equipment to meet your application needs.  Thanks!

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