Nautilus Systems Inc Adhesive Component Placement Systems Print and Apply Labeling Systems

Nautilus Systems, Inc is a leader in Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable Adhesive Component Placement systems. Our specialized technology was specifically designed for precise and reliable placement of adhesive-backed components of virtually any shape or material and has been proven a revolutionary solution for all market segments of manufacturing and assembly.Key benefits of our Applicators include our purpose-designed retracting blade peel system, rapid changeover features, system modularity, and placement accuracies that are as good as +/- 0.05mm. Standard Applicator products can be used for tabletop (semi-auto) operation, integrated into automated assembly solutions, or configured specifically to interface with external robotic devices of all types.Integration Services include our JAZZ Assembly systems which are configurable automation platforms that incorporate our Applicators as a cornerstone and enhance them with value-added material handling, assembly automation, and robotics to provide total solutions. Other Integration Services include DFMA and Tape Design assistance.

Industries worldwide have successfully implemented and operated our systems. Please review our products and integration services pages to learn more about world-class solutions for adhesive component placement and assembly.