Laboratory Automation


Nautilus Systems, Inc has developed very specific products for the laboratory automation market. Our LC100 Tube Pro system is purpose built to provide a modular and highly flexible system for labeling all types of cylindrical shaped labware. This labware includes Capped and Uncapped Tubes, Capped and Uncapped Vials, Syringes, Capped and Uncapped Bottles and can accept both plastic and glass labware in most cases. The LC100 Tube Pro provides high resolution (600 dpi) thermal transfer ‘on demand’ printing and our patented peel technology to ensure good label registration and peeling performance.  See the LC100 Tube Pro for additional information.

The FLEX TVF Feeder is a feeder technology that we developed specifically to feed Tubes and Vials. The TVF Feeder offers a unique solution for rapid and quiet automatic feeding and orientation of labware. See our FLEX TVF for additional information.

The FLEX Tube Pro is an integrated system that combines the LC100 Tube Pro System with a FLEX TVF to provide a fully automated tube and vial labeling solution that operates at high throughput.  See our FLEX Tube Pro system for additional information.

For Microplate labeling we offer our Eclipse series of Plate Labeling Systems. The Eclipse Plate Labelers are offered in multiple models including the Eclipse 100, Eclipse 150, Eclipse 200, Eclipse 250, Eclipse 400, and Eclipse 1000. Each of the various Eclipse products brings specific features and functions that can benefit specific application requirements.  See our Eclipse Plate Labeling Systems for additional information.

Our Radian Pi Gripper technology was developed in part to provide a compact Gripper system for small and light labware such as tubes and vials. The Radian Pi Gripper is a highly versatile device that can be integrated into virtually any automated system that requires highly reliable Gripper technology in a versatile and compact package.  See our Radian Pi Gripper products for additional information.