The LC100i is a highly advanced ‘print and peel’ system designed for challenging labeling requirements. High resolution (600 dots per inch) thermal transfer print quality combined with NSI’s retracting peel technology provides an excellent solution for any label application. The LC100i is intended for applications that the customer will implement their own robotic pick and place system to interface with the precision ‘print and peel’ operations of the LC100i unit.

The LC100i is ideal for small labels, high accuracy requirements, and high resolution printing requirements in various markets including Medical Device, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Packaging, Electronics, and more.


  • High Print Quality – 600 dpi
  • Durable Thermal Transfer Printing
  • LabelBot Intelligent Electric Tamping System
  • Accurate Placement +/- 0.35mm (+/- 0.015”)
  • Nautilus Systems Peel Technology
  • Label Sizes from 4 x 4mm to 100 x 100mm (4.0 x 4.0”)
  • Small System Footprint (550 x 350 x 440mm)
  • Includes Basic Label Design Software
  • Accessories Coming Soon

LC100i Applicator Vido