Medical Device

Medical Device assembly covers a broad market and can be defined in multiple ways. Our systems have been used to print and apply labels to various Devices including Tubes, Vials, Syringes, Housings, and other components.

We have performed print and apply operations onto cartons including multiple labels arrayed to match the sides of a carton when the carton is in a flat state.

We have applied labels to various microfluidic devices. These labels may contain product information and often include cutouts and punched-thru areas that provide a window through which an analytical instrument can measure or obtain information from a specimen or sample material. We have also applied sealing films on microfluidic devices that are used to seal channels in injection molded plastic components. In these cases we are frequently called upon to incorporate our lamination mode technology to ensure minimal air entrapment and virtually ‘bubble free’ assembly.

We have applied two-sided adhesive materials, both double-coated and two-sided tapes, and transfer tapes that are used to bond layers of a medical device assembly. Often these applications require high precision and accurate placement to ensure that the adhesive materials bond the layers without interfering with functions within the assembly.

See our Tube Labeling, Syringe Labeling, Placer Series Precision Placement Systems, or Print and Apply Systems for additional information.