Nautilus Systems, Inc. products are used in a wide variety of applications. Our systems are completely modular and configurable and can be implemented in many ways to solve many problems and we are adding solutions regularly. In order to better explain the capabilities of our systems and how our customers are using these systems we have included application notes based on various categories. Please review these application notes to learn more about how our systems are used and please contact us to discuss the specifics of your application.

Adhesive Component Placement

Virtually all Nautilus Systems, Inc. products are based upon our specialized technology for feed, peel, and automatic placement of adhesive components. The following are a list of factors that customers typically consider when implementing our applicator systems.
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Print and Apply

In addition to the precision placement abilities of our systems our customers frequently choose Nautilus Systems Inc products that include the ability to print on the adhesive components. In many cases those adhesive components are ‘labels’ made of typical label substrates such as paper or poly materials. Our printers provide the ability to print human readable characters, barcodes of virtually all types, and even graphics while integrated with a precision placement system.

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Applicator Customization

Based on an extensive history in engineering and production of custom automation equipment Nautilus Systems, Inc. retains the ability to bring that experience to bear on new applications in which modifications or enhancements to our standard products are required to provide the ultimate function requested by our customer. Many of our standard options for our PL Applicators such as the Electric Tamp, Side Scan Tamp, Shuttle Chuck, -TTP (thermal transfer printer) Integration, and more were originally conceptualized to meet a specific customer request for a customized system.

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