The pharma industry requires a high degree of sophistication and engineering in assembly systems. Nautilus Systems, Inc. has successfully designed and delivered systems that meet these requirements.
Specific areas of interest to Pharma customers for our products has been the precise and accurate placement capabilities along with modularity that allows us to configure a system from standard products that will meet their specific needs.

The Drug Quality and Security Act of 2013 (DQSA) enacted new requirements that NSI Applicator products are uniquely configured to fulfill for the Pharma industry.

Our PL100 and PL165 Applicators with Shuttle Chuck implementation provide a robust system that allows the user to inspect printed label information ‘just in time’ prior to applying the Label to a product.
The Auto Reject features of our PL100 and PL165 Applicators with Shuttle Chuck provides a built-in system that can automatically handle any Labels that fail inspection and place them onto the waste liner to ensure that failed labels are controlled by a method that can be verified and confirmed.
Track and Trace Serialization requirements allow NSI products to bring even more value to the Pharma market than prior to the implementation of these new laws and requirements.

These Applicators can be configured to apply Labels to flat objects, contoured objects, cylindrical devices, non-cylindrical devices, and more.
Please contact Nautilus Systems, Inc for further information about how our systems can be used to assist with Track and Trace Serialization requirements.