Packaging (Labels and Hang Tabs)

Though typical ‘packaging’ applications don’t necessarily need the high precision of our applicators the ability of our applicators to handle odd- shaped components can be very valuable in certain packaging applications.

One area where our PL Series Applicators have found strong interest from the Packaging Market is in the placement of ‘Hang Tabs’. Hang Tabs are used to allow packages to hang on display hardware often seen in retail settings. Hang Tabs, because of their very unique geometry and selective adhesive profiles, are virtually impossible to place automatically using conventional packaging labeler equipment. The PL100 and PL165 Series Applicators are very strong in handling and applying these components and have been used to apply them to various items sold at retail including paper products and grocery products.

Also, because our Applicators can capture, peel, and place multiple labels on a single cycle there are opportunities where our applicators are a perfect fit. Examples could include the requirement to apply an array of labels onto a single substrate, such as an array of labels onto the sides of a carton in a flat state or a requirement to feed and apply multiple labels that are setup on the liner with a specific pitch that matches the pitch of substrate components.

See our Hang Tab Applicators for additional information.