DFMA Consultation

Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) is a common term used by manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. However, DFMA in a specialized field is best accomplished by utilizing experts in that field to provide support and guidance. In the specialized field of adhesive component placement and assembly the team at NSI can provide world-class support and expertise that may not otherwise be available to our customers.

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Integration Services

Integration Services enhance the ability of NSI to provide customers with a total solution from the simple to the complex. From the implementation of a basic tabletop Series 1 Base for semi-auto operation to a ‘lights out’ JAZZ Cell automated assembly platform we can provide a turn-key solution to meet our customers’ requirements.

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Tape Design

The success of all NSI equipment installations is dependent on adhesive components that meet certain specifications and design standards so that the material and the machine will operate effectively and efficiently together. There are fundamental (and very achievable) design considerations that must be taken into account to assist with a successful implementation.

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Proof of Concept / Proof of Principle

Nautilus Systems, Inc. provides Proof of Concept (POC) and Proof of Principle (POP) services. POC and POP services entail developing solutions to test an idea or concept to confirm that it will provide the expected benefits and functions in a reduced scope format. In these solutions NSI, in collaboration with our customer, defines the areas of uncertainty, or ‘unknowns’, and then devises a method to test a concept to confirm that it will work properly without going to the length of building a full system.

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