New NSXR-G1 Controller Package – April 2011

Nautilus Systems Inc is pleased to announce the release of our latest PL Series Applicators featuring our NSXR-G1 controller. This NSXR-G1 Controller package features state of the art processors, electronics, and communication protocols and enhanced firmware. This engineered combination of improved hardware and firmware provides several substantial benefits.

One benefit that will be noticeable to our customers is that each PL Series Applicator operates at faster speeds in all modes of operation than was previously possible. Another substantial and obvious benefit is the small size of the NSXR-G1 Controller. Our previous generation of controller, the NSC2X Controller, was packaged in a separate enclosure that was connected to the PL Series Applicator via several cables. Due to selection and configuration of state of the art components this new package will be attached directly to the PL Series Applicator adding only approximately 12mm to the overall thickness of each PL Series Applicator.

The external controls enclosure has been eliminated. No longer is there a requirement to mount another enclosure or route the cables from the enclosure to the Applicator. The only cables remaining now are the Configured I/O cable, for connection to your PLC or other external controls system, and the power cable. Regarding the power, the system is now supplied with an enclosed power supply, similar to what is used with a laptop computer. Simply plug in the power supply to an appropriate AC outlet, connect compressed air if required, and the system is ready to run.
Finally, the NSXR-G1 has also been put through significant testing per CE EMC requirements. It has been proven to provide robust operation when unexpected events such as ESD occur in the production environment. Nautilus Systems is proud of this advance in technology and looks forward to continually providing our customers with the best technology available for adhesive component placement.
PL100-TTP and PL165-TTP Precision Print and Apply Systems – May 2011

Nautilus Systems Inc has officially released a new product. Available with either our PL100 or PL165 Series of Applicators we have integrated a Thermal Transfer Printer (TTP) system into the Applicator.
The PL100-TTP and PL165-TTP provide all of the precision placement abilities and functions of our PL Series Applicators but with the added benefit of thermal transfer printing. The Thermal Transfer Printer replaces the standard Payoff Assembly of the Applicator. A roll of blank labels is loaded directly into the Printer and the output of the printer is fed directly into the PL Applicator. A short ‘loop’ of material is maintained between the print head and the PL Applicator and sensors are used to ensure that sufficient material is contained in the loop to allow proper function of both units.
Printers can be provided with various capacities based on the width of the Labels and also with 300 or 600 dpi print heads. The Printer can be commanded by a variety of means and is compatible with virtually all commercially available label configuration software packages. This innovation was driven by our customers’ requirements for label printing along with the need to apply the label accurately. This system can provide these benefits like no other.
Note: For applications that require ‘zero queue’ print and apply please see our PR100i system.
‘Tube Pro’ Automated Tube and Vial Labeling System – July 2011

Nautilus Systems Inc is pleased to announce our latest breakthrough in adhesive component placement technology. The Tube Pro is an accessory system we have developed specifically for placing labels on Vials and Tubes. Configured specifically for laboratory and medical markets the Tube Pro is a highly versatile system.
It can be operated in tandem with any of our Applicator products including the PL Series for precision placement of pre-printed or blank labels, the PR100i for precision ‘zero queue’ print and apply, and the PL100-TTP/PL165-TTP for print and apply that does not require ‘zero queue’ and/or for unique label configurations. The Tube Pro provides a precision system for wrapping Labels around Tubes and Vials. It features ‘rapid changeover’ without the need for any tools to transition between different types and styles of Tubes or Vials.
The system is configured for semi-automatic operation with future enhancements in development to further automate the process. Please contact Nautilus Systems, Inc with any questions regarding the Tube Pro.

Spring 2016 – Our newest product platform is our 165 series of Applicators. These Applicators provide a capacity for components up to 100 x 165mm in size with extreme accuracy (as good as +/- 0.05mm), high reliability, and maximum affordability.
For more information about the PL165i and PL165r CLICK HERE.

+/- 0.0175mm Placement Accuracy! (Third-party study results) – April 2016 – An NSI customer has conducted an independent study of the placement accuracy of a PL100i Applicator configured with the optional EP upgrade package. The customer component was a rectangular Insulating Tape component of outside dimensions approximately 75 x 75mm with a large portion of the center of the rectangle removed (i.e., a ‘frame’ shaped component) Across a 500 pc study sample the customer measured a total placement range of 70 microns (0.070mm) or +/- 35 microns (0.035mm). This total range dimension included any variability in placement of the die-cut component by the PL100i and also added variation in the Fixture for the substrate to which the Tape was applied. In addition, a variation in the die-cut wall of the component was measured at 40 microns. This means that the PL100EPi system contribution to the placement range was actually 35 microns, or +/- 17.5 microns. Indeed, this customer was greatly pleased with the results and determined that the PL100EPi provided a process capability (Cpk) of greater than 2.5!

For more information about the PL100EPi CLICK HERE.