Industries Served

Nautilus Systems, Inc products are used in virtually all manufacturing and assembly environments. The need to accurately and precisely feed, peel, and place adhesive components, including printing on those components, is universal in assembly. See how we serve various industries or markets in the notes below.

Automotive applications cover a wide variety of requirements. Precision placement is often the defining requirement that brings customers to us. Our systems have been used to apply blast foils to airbag components, two-sided adhesives to tire pressure monitoring (TPM) systems in various formats, safety and warning labels to airbag components or other plastic or metal components in an automobile, and more.

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Medical Device

Medical Device assembly covers a broad market and can be defined in multiple ways. Our systems have been used to print and apply labels to various Devices including Tubes, Vials, Syringes, Housings, and other components.

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The pharma industry requires a high degree of sophistication and engineering in assembly systems. Nautilus Systems, Inc. has successfully designed and delivered systems that meet these requirements.

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Laboratory Automation

Nautilus Systems, Inc has developed very specific products for the laboratory automation market.

Our PR100 Tube Pro system is purpose built to provide a modular and highly flexible system for labeling all types of cylindrical shaped labware. This labware includes Capped and Uncapped Tubes, Capped and Uncapped Vials, Syringes, Capped and Uncapped Bottles and can accept both plastic and glass labware in most cases. The PR100 Tube Pro provides high resolution (600 dpi) thermal transfer ‘on demand’ printing and our purpose-designed peel technology to ensure good label registration and peeling performance.

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Packaging (Labels and Hang Tabs)

Though typical ‘packaging’ applications don’t necessarily need the high precision of our applicators the ability of our applicators to handle odd- shaped components can be very valuable in certain packaging applications

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Custom Automation and Integration

Many of our top customers are automation and integration companies. These companies have been selected by their customers to provide world- class automated assembly systems that often incorporate multiple stations performing multiple unique operations. Rather than attempt to invent special systems and absorb the costs and issues that the invention requires our automation customers often look for standard ‘off the shelf’ or turnkey solutions that provide a specific function and ability.

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