Jazz Cells

The JAZZ Cell is a configurable automation platform engineered and developed by NSI to enhance the value of our Applicator products by harnessing our experience in the field of custom engineered automated solutions. NSI integrates value-added services such as material handling (tray handlers, indexers, conveyors, palletized systems, etc.) so that we can provide the customer a turn-key solution. In addition to these technologies we also implement robotics in the form of standard SCARA and our own multi-axis robotic units. The JAZZ Cell incorporates PC-based controls and/or robotic integration using recognized hardware and software solutions that can be, and have been, supported worldwide.


The JAZZ 300A is a standardized unit that incorporates JEDEC Tray Handling and a Servo XY Table with 300 x 300mm travel specifically for label application to components supplied in JEDEC Trays.

For more information about the JAZZ 300A CLICK HERE.


The JAZZ 6T‐DUAL is an automation platform configured for use of our PL Series Applicators to apply die‐cut parts to items presented on a servo actuator XY Table. The XY Table strokes are 600mm in both the X and Y axes.

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The JAZZ X4 is a multi-axis servo precision placement system that incorporates PL100/165 Feed and Peel systems and a precision robotic placement unit that can be configured specifically for your assembly requirements.

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The newest addition to our JAZZ Cell family of products incorporates a SCARA robot to provide a highly flexible assembly system. The Robot, of industry-standard type, can be used to remove adhesive components from an array of up to 3 PL100 Applicators.

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Servo Tamp

The ServoTamp is a high-speed tamp actuator that incorporates two axes of servo motion. One axis provides high-speed vertical motion and the other high-speed horizontal motion.
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