Syringe Labeling Automation

Semi-Automatic Syringe Pro Labeling System

Nautilus Systems, Inc. has developed a ‘Syringe Pro’ product line specific to applying and wrapping labels on Syringes, Auto Injectors, or similar cylindrical devices and objects. The Syringe Pro is a modular system configured specifically for syringe labeling with options to automatically position Syringes for correct label radial orientation as well as axial location. The radial orientation correction system ensures that the label starts and ends its wrap around the Syringe in the correct position relative to features such as finger flanges or other physical features of the syringe or device.  Control of radial orientation can ensure that pre-printed gradations are not covered by a label or that a physical feature of the label aligns to a feature of the syringe or device. Axial location, which is along the length of the Syringe, is controlled by the design of the Syringe Pro roller set. The Syringe Pro is designed for quick changeover between different syringe types and includes modules for printing (thermal transfer or full color), automatic radial orientation, and other functions such as inspection of labels prior to wrapping them on the syringe.
In addition to standard Syringes the Syringe Pro system can be used to label similar cylindrical devices such as Auto Injectors.