Radian Pi Servo Motor Actuators


In order to develop motion hardware to meet the very specific requirements of our applicator and lab automation products Nautilus Systems, Inc. has developed a series of specialized servo motors that we have made available to the automation market. These servo motors, which can be accurately described as ‘micro’ or even ‘nano’ servo motors provide many benefits and features that have never previously been available.

Key features and benefits of the Radian Pi Motors include:

  • Compact Size and Weight – Ideal for use in end of arm tooling and integration in compact spaces
  • Durable and Robust for Industrial Use
  • High torque in Compact Package
  • Programmability
  • Configured for control by external systems
  • Fast motion
  • Position feedback
  • Torque or force feedback
  • Simple 4-wire system control for easy mounting and integration in tight spaces
  • Low voltage and power consumption