Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) is a common term used by manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. However, DFMA in a specialized field is best accomplished by utilizing experts in that field to provide support and guidance. In the specialized field of adhesive component placement and assembly the team at NSI can provide world-class support and expertise that may not be available to our customers when using their in-house resources. This is when the expertise and assistance provided by NSI can identify and eliminate sources of uncertainty both in the design and implementation of die-cut components and equipment solutions for placement of those components. NSI will work with the OEM, the Converter, and other automation suppliers to develop a successful implementation. Please contact us for details on how we can assist with your DFMA projects.


DFMA Case Study

Customer: Medical Device Manufacturer
Application: A multi-layer adhesive component assembly
Problem: Customer transitioning from low volume manual assembly to higher volumes with a requirement to move to automated assembly

Solution: NSI collaborated closely with both the OEM and their Converter to redefine the die-cut configurations to work best with our PL100 series Applicators. NSI also developed prototype tools to test and prove the assembly process prior to implementation of full automation. The final result was a successful transition to high-volume assembly utilizing multiple PL100 series Applicators and a customized material handling transfer system to move products through the multiple stages of assembly.

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