Labelbot – Intelligent Electric Tamp System

Official Release Date: 10/14/18

NSI is pleased to introduce our next generation Intelligent Electric Tamp system, the LabelBot Tamp.

When an opportunity for Nautilus Systems, Inc. came along to develop our next generation of print-apply systems, the LC100 Applicator Series, we wanted to take our technology to the next level in all possible ways.

Regarding the tamping system our primary goals were to build a groundbreaking device that is fast, versatile, and intelligent. We would implement a device that included self-teach functions. We would minimize opportunities for confusion and improper setup. We would have a system that could provide a simple tamping operation like previous generation tamps but with options to provide significantly more sophisticated motions for approaching a target and performing placement operations. We would design a modular system with capacity to grow and enhance its features and functions.

Pneumatic tamping systems, though functional and useful in previous generations of equipment, include many weaknesses. They require clean, dry, compressed air which is inefficient and costly. They can be noisy. They are difficult to control in terms of motion profiles. When adjustability is included in them, the adjustments can be difficult and confusing.

Our previous electric tamping solutions, though functional and providing easier adjustment, were also limited by use of turnkey electric actuators that were designed as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our assessment determined that no turnkey electric actuators, even with modifications, could offer the features and functions to meet the objectives for our new tamping system.

After significant research and development we selected, engineered, implemented and integrated various components to develop a system that harnesses advances in all relevant technologies including processing power, sensor technology, communication networks, and programming techniques which will allow us to modularize and add as we move forward.

We are pleased to introduce our new intelligent electric tamp system, the LabelBot, for our LC100i Applicator products. This tamping system will change label placement as it has been known for decades.

The LabelBot Intelligent Electric Tamping System will be the best tamp system ever used for automated label placement operations. Stay tuned for future developments and eventual implementation of this tamping unit to our PL Applicator products.