Electric Tamp Development

Print and Apply Labeling Systems

Nautilus Systems, Inc., in our ongoing efforts to enhance our products, is pleased to announce the development of an Electric Tamp Module that will be available for all of our PL series of Applicator products.  Key benefits of the Electric Tamp include flexibility in programming the motion of the tamp including rapid acceleration and deceleration, elimination of pneumatic cylinders and associated sensors, and overall reduced air consumption.  The Electric Tamp will be an optional module available for PL100i and PL165i Applicators.  The Electric Tamp will be as fast, or faster, than the pneumatic tamp but with the ability to provide highly controlled motion.  One special option this module will provide is a ‘push’ move.  The push move allows the Tamp to place a Label or Die-Cut Adhesive Component onto a substrate and then press it until meeting a set force threshold.  The end result is no more ‘banging’ that occurs when pneumatic tamps hit the target or substrate and the ability to provide specific force of application.  This product is in development at the time of the writing of this post and will be available as a product in the coming months.  Stay tuned for further info and thanks again for your interest in Nautilus Systems, Inc. Applicator products.

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