Enhanced Tube Pro Modules For Cylindrical and Non-cylindrical Device Labeling

Label Wrapping

In response to customer demand Nautilus Systems Inc has developed new Tube Pro options that result in a significant advancement in precision label wrapping operations.

For Cylindrical Labware and Cylindrical Devices (Tubes, Vials, Syringes, Medical Devices, etc) our new Tube Pro option allows us to label significantly larger ?objects than was previously possible.   We are also able to provide radial alignment options by engaging the cylindrical device with a motorized drive, rotating it until a specified feature is located, and then rotating the device to a defined radial offset position to ensure that the label or die-cut adhesive component is applied in the correct radial position.   This feature has been specifically requested by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to ensure that product identification labels are applied to cylindrical devices with certain printed features of the label aligned perfectly to physical features of the device.

For Non-Cylindrical Labware and Non-Cylindrical Devices (Tubes, Vials, Syringes, Medical Devices, etc) another new Tube Pro option provides an innovative method for labeling devices with odd shapes while ensuring that the label is well applied to all surfaces. This Tube Pro option incorporates multiple axes of servo and stepper motion to provide the necessary coordinated function and is available only through Nautilus Systems Inc. Because Non-Cylindrical device shapes can vary greatly Nautilus Systems Inc evaluates each application specifically to ensure that our standard solution applies and will identify any modifications or enhancements that are required for each application.

Nautilus Systems Inc has successfully implemented both of these Tube Pro configurations for highly demanding pharmaceutical companies and will continue to perpetuate this solution for new applications.

These Tube Pro devices can be combined with either our PR100 ‘print and apply’ systems or with our PL Applicator systems including our PL Applicators equipped with our Shuttle Chuck Tamp and in line inspection and auto-reject systems.

For all of your precision label wrapping and die-cut adhesive wrapping applications please contact the world leader, Nautilus Systems Inc .

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