Flex Tube Pro and Jazz400r – Scalable Tube and Vial Labeling Automation

Vial Labeling

NSI is pleased to announce that we have developed turnkey scalable automation for tube and vial labeling.  Starting with our PR100 Tube Pro system and our FLEX TVF feeder unit we have engineered a fully integrated system that feeds tubes from a bulk hopper, orientates them to ensure proper label position, applies and wraps labels and then places the finished tubes into a configurable output location which can be as simple as a bin or a conveyor, or as complex as a hand off to downstream automation. This system is the FLEX Tube Pro. The FLEX Tube Pro was officially launched at the SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation) Show in Orlando, FL in January 2013 and has met great initial success.

For our customers who require even more automation, particularly for applications that require labeled vials to be placed into standard (SBS) trays or custom racks, we have a more advanced system known as the JAZZ400R.  The JAZZ400R adds a SCARA robot to the output side of the FLEX Tube Pro.  The robot enables things like automatic inspection of printed label data through the use of barcode scanners or vision systems and automatic loading of Trays or Racks.

Starting back at the beginning, we still have our benchtop PR100 Tube Pro for those who require a highly reliable system but aren’t ready for full automation.

In a nutshell we have a completely scalable solution that our customer can upgrade over the course of time.  Starting with the PR100 Tube Pro benchtop solution and graduating all the way to the JAZZ400R, we have all of the possible tube/vial labeling applications covered.

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