Syringe Labeling Automation

Nautilus Systems, Inc (NSI) is pleased to announce implementation of roller sets specifically for Syringe Labeling based on our standard ‘PR100 Tube Pro’ tube and vial labeling system. Our customers have spoken and made us aware that in addition to tubes and vials there are other cylindrical labware components that require highly reliable product identification and labeling systems.  Amongst those other components there is strong demand for Syringe labeling.  NSI has listened and found that the PR100 Tube Pro is very well suited for Syringe Labeling ‘as is’ with a requirement only to develop roller sets configured specifically for the Syringes.

In addition to the roller sets, which are a simple enhancement, we have put plans in place for accessory modules that can be used to ‘clock’ syringes to ensure that the label application starts and ends in the required position radially on the Syringe. This module can be valuable for customers who want to ensure that the label does not cover pre-printed or molded graduation features of standard Syringes.

Note that the same PR100 Tube Pro system can be easily setup to run Tubes, Vials, or Syringes of different types all in the same day with minimal changeover or setup requirements.

We will be officially adding Syringe Labeling to our Lab Automation web pages in the near future and look forward to increased use of the PR100 Tube Pro in the lab market.

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